North Korea

In the light of history, Korea has always been united except for the last 60 years. Korean culture, Northern and Southern, is therefore based on a 5000 years old single strain of dynastic culture. The remains of this important heritage have a major historical interest for Korea and help to understand the history of the entire region. The last independent dynasty became extinct in 1910. Today North Korea is a secret destination. It is surprisingly scenic.

Best season: from April to October.
International airports: Pyongyang

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Tourist sites

Located 8km south-west of the former capital Kaesong, Panmunjomn is a unique place to discover the weight of history and the reality of this "Bamboo Curtain"!
Located 160km south of Pyongyang, Kaesong is a beautiful city full of charm divided between modern neighborhoods and older districts.
The Kumgang Mountain range is a sacred mountain for all Koreans, better known under the name of “Diamond Mountains”.
Located Northwest of Korean peninsula, the most famous mountains of North Korea offer lush valleys and waterfalls.
55km from Pyongyang, on the Teadong delta, Nampo is a modern port city that can host major sport events.
Pyongyang is the capital and the largest city of North Korea situated on the Taedong River in the Southwest of the country.